Zencare by Martine Geeraert

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For the past 30 years Martine has been involved in skincare and energy work. She had a thriving practice in Belgium and worked with a variety of health and healing modalities as Shiatsu, energetic massage, reflexology, Reiki, Ayurveda. She continues her passion here.

The products Phyto 5, Diamand Way Ayurveda and the treatments are based on the philosophies of the Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. “Beauty is Health made visible”

These ancient systems are proven to bring better health and balance on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Martine adds : I love to touch through my hands to facilitate the body’s needs. I believe that true wellness is not just the absence of dis-ease. We gain balance when there is coherence between what we believe, what we think and what we do. Allowing our body, our mind and our spirit to come into energetic alignment brings us closer to our true self which brings energy, happiness, flexiblility, adaptability and creates an expression of joyfulness that can be seen in all what we do.

Martine is grateful for a life path that has brought her many teachers. She continually studies and attends workshops to deepen her self-knowledge and inner growth. Her awareness of body, mind, heart and soul connection is evident in her in-depth skin and body care she offers to you. “The combined art of healing, health and beauty”.